Yenerji Engineering Consultancy Limited Company was established in 2011 by civil engineer Aşur Balcı and takes all its experience from the previous practices of its technical stuff in energy sector. By taking its name from the words Renewable Energy, our company provides reliable, effective, quality engineering and consultancy services at planning, project design and consrtuction stages of renewable enegy projects.


Yenerji Enginnering technical stuff have taken an active role in planning, feasibility, final and applicaiton project engineering services of many big to small scale hydropower projects which was performed in accordiance with the law 4628 in Turkey and became specialized at especially hydropower projects since 2006. With its engineering services, our company put signature under special designs for the first time in Turkey and continues to introduce extraordinary project designs by the methods developed for itself. Our company aims to improve the quality and expectation of the sector by its new generation engineering aspect and contribute to our country's engineering service standarts to have better levels. Our company adopts to base each of its study on globbaly accepted technical norms and renew itself by closely fallowing the related technical enhancement in the world to provide higher quality serices to it's customers who make investment in energy sector. In accordiance with the aim of establishment, our company targets to add other renewable energy types (wind and solar energy) in additon to its hydropower experience, thus continues to research and development studies. 

Civil. Eng. Aşur BALCI

General Director