Yenerji Consultancy provides you the following consultancy services. 



Energy investment companies may need for owner's engineering service about determination of construction and supplier companies, making contracts and management of the bureaucratic procedure. 

Yenerji Consultancy gives professional consultancy service about this issue to the customers who makes investment in hydropower sector and strengthen the investor's hand.



Energy investments are generally bank-financing investments and the banks may need expert support about technical issues that may affect the financial modeling of a project requesting bank credit.

To satisfy this need,
with its all knowledge and experience Yenerji Consultancy gives professional consultancy service about the credit phase before investment and control of cash flow during construction.



Projects prepared for the energy investments have great significance in determination of total cost of the project and are the first factor affecting the project rentability and rate of return total cost of the project.

Yenerji Consultancy gives project control consultancy service for your final and applicaiton projects about technical evaluation and correction of irreversible mistakes on time before construction.



In energy investments, correction and quality of the construction of a project on site is as important as correct designing and should be checked on site by an independent consultant expert in his field.

Yenerji Consultancy gives professional consultancy service about management, quality control and reporting of the construction activities and respond for quick technical revisions on site.